Et In Arcadia Ego (kergillian) wrote in angry_atheist,
Et In Arcadia Ego

Blog Against Theocracy

I'd like to draw everyone's attention to the Blog Against Theocracy going on right now and I'd like to encourage you to post.

I had actually made a anti-theocracy post last week when I posted the Edward Tabash videos (see my June 24th post)

Of course I believe that the separation of Church and State is important because God is a myth and I don't want people who believe in fairy tales having any influence in politics, but even if you are a believer, the separation is important, not only because it keeps religion out of government, but because it keeps government out of religion.

Seriously, do you really want these guys running your church?

So, anyway, the Blog Against Theocracy is going on now. Speak up and be heard.
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